Etuby is a product brand that was founded by bag craftsmen, priding themselves on the most efficient and skilled techniques, and are members of the “Manufacturing powerhouse Japan”.

We are uncompromising in our quest for the manufacture of the most innovative and effective products.

Please experience the peace-of-mind that comes with using “Made in Japan” products that are famous for having the highest quality.


"We want to use our skilled technique to make the highest quality bags."


In 1984 we began a new business venture to produce specialised cases for various electronic devices.

Our core goal is to produce the most efficient cases for the ultimate protection of sensitive equipment from external shock. We pride ourselves on our “Made in Japan” production process, and all our cases are rigorously tested throughout the design and manufacturing processes.

Due to the rapid development of electronic devices, we continually develop cases and bags for new technological applications, and ensure they are as efficient and strong as possible.

We would proudly like to introduce you to our range of Etuby products.