"Materials carefully selected by Japanese craftsmen"


The materials used in Etuby® include water-repellent fabrics that are resistant to rain and fabrics that are excellent in durability in accordance with the theme of the series. The materials are carefully selected by experienced craftsmen. Sub-materials such as metal parts and zippers used in detail are made in Japan with high quality and excellent functionality. 

"DELFY®, a waterproof and water-repellent fabric derived from Toray's advanced technology"


The surface fabric is made of nylon yarn of 70 d and 280 d, which is resistant to tension and friction used in outdoor wear, and has excellent water-repellency. The front surface is subjected to excellent water repellency to repel rain, and the back surface is laminated with 0.2 mm thick PVC to enhance its strength and waterproofness.

DELFY® is a registered trademark of Toray Corporation.

Please note that water cannot be prevented from entering through needle holes or joints in the sewn part.

"BIOLINER®, a clean and hygienic antimicrobial deodorant and deodorant."


The interior fabric is made of BIOLINER®, an antimicrobial deodorizing material manufactured by Unitika Corporation. Ceramic antimicrobial agents are kneaded into the yarn at the yarn stage, and are resistant to friction and excellent in durability. In addition, deodorant processing (strong deodorizing effect) is applied to remove malodors such as ammonia and fish odors from the source by chemical reaction.

Unlike clothes, bags cannot be laundered easily, making it difficult to remove odors. However, bioliners are kept clean to prevent the generation of odor-causing bacteria. In addition, since the deodorizing function is always in place, even if you put dirty clothes on your business trip or travel, you can remove unpleasant odors, so you can use them comfortably and cleanly.

 ●BIOLINER® is a registered trademark of Unitika Corporation.

※Antimicrobial deodorizing and deodorizing fabrics are not all used in the interior.

"Doden®, a material that removes static electricity"


Doden®, an antistatic material that uses Belltron® (Bertron), a conductive fiber, is used in pockets for laptops and smartphones. Static electricity generated by friction such as loading and unloading of baggage or drying in winter may cause the PC to malfunction or not start when static electricity flows through the power button, mouse, or plug-in port of the USB device. Doden® suppresses and removes static electricity by corona discharge. In addition, dust and pollen are less likely to adhere by removing static electricity.

Belltron® is a registered trademark of KB Seiren Corporation.

Doden® is a registered trademark of KB Seiren Corporation.

"High-foam polyethylene resin, a material that relieves shock and pressure"


The detachable PC case uses a closed-cell cushioning material based on high-foam polyethylene resin. The closed-cell body is a cushioning material in which numerous air-containing bubbles are arranged independently of each other. When shock or pressure is applied, air-containing bubbles act as air cushions to reduce shock transmitted to PCs. No water or moisture is allowed to pass through. The personal computer case has cushioning material so that seams are eliminated as much as possible, and the cushioning material is placed so as to wrap around the personal computer. By making the cushioning material thicker at the bottom, it is designed to reduce the impact on the bottom when the bag is placed.

The shoulder pad is also made of the same material, so that the shoulder pad can be used comfortably even if the shoulder pad is used for a long time by relieving the pressure caused by the load.

"AquaGuard® waterproof zipper"


AquaGuard®, a waterproof zipper manufactured by YKK Corporation, is used for zippers in main rooms and electronic equipment storage pockets.The surface of the zipper tape is laminated with a polyurethane film to make it harder for water to penetrate than usual zippers. Slider garages are also installed on waterproof fabrics to hide the gaps and prevent the ingress of water, as small gaps are created even when the zipper is completely closed.

●AquaGuard® is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation.

※AquaGuard® is heavier than ordinary zippers because it coats the surface.